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Using the Mobile App

How-to-guide for the Safeter Mobile App for Employees

The Safeter mobile app has 4 core functions:

  1. Completing a Health Check
  2. Employee Scheduling
  3. Updating your COVID-19 Status
  4. Testing guidance

1. Completing a Health Check 

Safeter's Health Check is a 4 question survey based on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and WHO (World Health Organization) recommendations.  Recently, prominent leaders such as Dr. Anthony Fauci of the CDC have said that health checks (also commonly referred to as symptom checks or attestations) are a better way of understanding exposure to COVID-19 than simple temperature checks, because so many people who have COVID-19 or are exposed to it do not have an elevated temperature.  


Once you have registered in the app, from the homepage of the app, you can access the health check.  It should not take more than 20 seconds to complete.  If you have turned on notifications you will receive a notification at 6am your time, though you can access the health check after midnight each day. So you can update it before you go to sleep if you want.   

Mobile App Screenshot of Health Check

2. Employee Scheduling

Employee Scheduling will be available in early September to employees and this page will be updated at that time. 

3. Updating your COVID-19 Status

Mobile App Screenshot of COVID-19 Status

The mobile app allows you to update your status if you take a COVID-19 test and receive a positive or negative result.  An employee entering a positive test result will immediately notify an organization's administrator and advise the employee to isolate per CDC/WHO guidelines. 

The app will also ask for a copy of the test results.  You can simply take a picture with your camera and upload that.  

4. Testing Guidance

The mobile app provides advice to you on the recommended criteria of when to get tested and various testing options, including local testing or mail-home testing kits. 

The mail-home testing kits are kits that are mailed to you (at work or home).  You provide a saliva sample into a test tube and then drop the kit in the mail.  In 24-72 hours the test results are posted for you to see via the provider's website, and then you can update your COVID-19 test status into the app.   


Safeter is continuously expanding the functionality of the mobile app to make it easier to use and to add various functions.   Please contact Safeter Support with any questions or help you need.