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Safeter 101

Safeter's basic concepts and terminology — Start Here! 🚀

Welcome to Safeter! 

This article has all the basics you need to make sure you're well-versed in our product!

Major parts of the Safeter platform

Mobile app versus website

Safeter has a website that administrators (often HR, Safety, or IT teams) use to add/edit employees, set up health checks and surveys, and monitor if any employees are sick. 

Employees use the mobile app to do their regular health checks, follow their schedule if they need to, and see if they have a green or red badge to either come to the office or stay at home.  A regular employee should not need to come to the website.  If an employee does not have a mobile app, we will soon be adding a website that the employee can use. 

Health Check

   Mobile App Screenshot of Health Check

The health check, often called a symptom check or an attestation, is a questionnaire of 4 simple questions that see if you have any symptoms or may have been exposed to the virus.  It can be completed on the mobile app, and should take less than 5 seconds to complete.   You can choose which offices receive the health check, and what frequency (e.g., daily, twice a day, once a week, etc). For more information check out our more detailed Health Check article.

Updating COVID-19 Status

Mobile App Screenshot of COVID-19 Status

The mobile app allows an employee to update her status if she takes a COVID-19 test and receives a positive or negative result.  An employee entering a positive test result will immediately notify an organization's administrator and advise the employee to isolate per CDC/WHO guidelines. 


The mobile app provides advice to employees on the recommended criteria of when to get tested and various testing options, including local testing or mail-home testing kits.  The mail-home testing kits are kits that are mailed to an employee (at work or home).  The employee provides a saliva sample into a test tube and drops the kit in the mail.  In 24-72 hours the test results are posted for the employee to see and the employee can update his or her COVID-19 status in the app.   


Safeter provides a number of capabilities regarding scheduling.  They can be broken into three main parts:

  1. Office arrival time: For many urban environments or office towers where you want to limit how many people ENTER the building or an elevator at the same time you can have employees arrange a time they arrive at the office.
  2. Office scheduling: There are two main approaches that Safeter supports:
    1. Individual scheduling.  You set up a number of spots that are available in a given office and then employees individually book them.  Once the number of spaces runs out for a given time slot then no more employees can book a spot. 
    2. Group scheduling. Also often referred to as cohorts.  You can break your employees into groups (Group A, Group B, etc) and have different groups come on different days.  For example, Group A can come on Mondays, Group B can come on Tuesdays, etc.  This way if someone in Group A tests positive you can send Group A home and not impact the other groups. 
    3. Priority employees.  You can select which employees have priority and always have a spot reserved for them.  This is often useful for facilities, IT, and some administrative personnel. 
For more information check out our more detailed Employee Scheduling article

Company Settings

This is available from the lower left of the website when an administrator is logged in.  From here an administrator can change the company name and add office locations. Office locations are important for scheduling and when you need reporting by offices. 

Employee Settings

Website screenshot

By clicking on an employee name (you can see all employees from the left hand "Employees" tab), you can look at and update individual details on an employee.  You can change any personal information such as someone's name or office or permissions.  You can also review an individuals health check results.  From the Employees tab you can also add or delete employees and bulk upload employees.  You can read more about this here.