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Adding Employees

Adding employees can be done in multiple ways

There are multiple ways to add employees in Safeter.  You add employees once you are logged in to the website.  When you do add an employee, she will receive an invitation via email to download the mobile app from the app store and that email will also have a temporary password for the first time that employee logs into the mobile app.  The employee will not log into the website.

Okay, back to adding employees!

Method 1: Individual email addresses

This approach is recommended when you are first trying out Safeter and just want to quickly get 1-10 fellow employees using the app.  You can either hit the Add Employees button at the top of the homepage when you are logged in or from the Employees tab on the left hand side. 

Then just type in as many email addresses as you want, and those employees will get an email invite to the Safeter app. 

Method 2: Bulk upload

This approach is recommended when you are trying to upload many employees or your whole organization. 

You will then be asked to enter a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file.  Please download the template provided, as this has the correct header names and makes it easier to format it properly.  This is similar to an Excel file and if you have your employees listed in Excel file you can simply change the header names to match the template provided, save it as a CSV file and upload that to Safeter.   

Bulk Upload Screenshot

When you download the template, it looks like this:

Bulk Upload Template

You can provide Safeter a number of details about each employee, including First Name, Last Name, email address, office location, manager name, etc. A couple of important notes:

  1. Email address is the only required field.
  2. We highly recommend you also provide first name, last name, and office location as well. 
  3. Location should be entered as a location nickname.  Under Company Settings (available from the lower left of your screen when you are logged in) when you enter an office location we ask you for an office nickname.  For example, if your office location is 123 Main St, Anywhere, CA 94323 you can enter a nickname, let's say "Office 1".  So in the CSV file for any employee that has 123 Main St as his main location, please put Office 1.  Do NOT type in 123 Main St, Anywhere, CA 94323.

Once you have edited your file locally, please hit Attach CSV to attach the file and then hit Upload. 

When you upload a CSV, Safeter will tell you how many employees were successfully recorded and if any employees failed to upload and why.  Please edit those employees and reupload the file.  If you upload an employee twice it is no problem, the employee will just be entered into Safeter once.

If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact support@safeter.work.  You can also send us your employee email CSV and we will upload it for you.